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System Delivery, Set Up, and Installation

Not all audio components are cash and carry friendly. For example, the Verity Audio Lohengrin IIS loudspeakers weigh in at 750 pounds in their shipping crates. Even less extreme cases, such as a customer favorite, the Neat Acoustics Momentum SX5i loudspeakers, are not an easy set of boxes to handle. Add to this the fact that many folks are not well-versed when it comes to the critical area of turntable set up and phono cartridge installation. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the based covered! Regardless of how many boxes or components there are, nor how big or unwieldy these boxes are, many audiophiles and music lovers know that proper system setup and installation are as critical as the products they choose for their system. Let The Audio Shoppe do all the hard work, thus ensuring you get to enjoy your investment and your music. We can arrange for home delivery and setup of your new purchase and ensure that your new system sings in harmony with your home. Or if you have chosen to add to your existing system, our setup expertise will ensure that your new component works ideally with its new system home.

System and Component Delivery — Big system or small; ultra high end component or your new integrated amp, arrangements can be made with The Audio Shoppe to ensure that all goes smoothly and the moment you sit down to listen it’ll be smooth sonic sailing for there on out. Call us or contact us to start the conversation.

Turntable and Phono Cartridge Set Up — We take turntable and phono cartridge set up seriously at The Audio Shoppe. No, it’s not rocket science! But, even rocket scientists know that accurate alignment of a phono cartridge and proper set up of a turntable will be the difference between “playing a record” and truly experiencing the sonic splendor contained within a piece of vinyl. Whether the record is a vintage disc nearly 70 years old or the latest 200 gram, 45 rpm remastered masterpiece, a transformative sonic experience can come from a turntable that has be set up properly and sighted properly (yes, it’s a physical playback medium and where it sits makes a BIG difference in how the needle interacts with the vinyl). Yeah, you’re in good hands with The Audio Shoppe. Proper set up need not be on site every time. Call us or contact us to start the conversation.

Installation — Perhaps your needs go beyond careful sighting and placement of a standalone system. We can work with you to ensure your dream system will harmonize with your home and family’s lifestyle. This could start with a phone call or a site visit. Or this could start with an email. We’re open to working with you; our goal is to make the process painless, easy, and enjoyable. Call us or contact us to start the conversation.

In Home Component Evaluation and Traveler Programs

The Audio Shoppe offers excellent high end audio products and an excellent, conveniently located showroom just south of Boston. We also offer the real world experience years of working with high performance home audio has given us, which then makes the process of choosing a component or system easier on you. That said, we’ll never deny the truth of the old adage: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ultimately it’s your ears, your eyes, your home, and your music that matter most to us. That’s why we offer a few services that may make the process even easier for you:

In Home Component Evaluation — Whether it’s a new pair of speakers, a new amplifier, or even a new cable, evaluating whether a component is right for you, your system, your home, and your music may involve having it in your system for a period of time. And, one needn’t necessarily be a New England resident to evaluate a component in one’s system.* It’s best to have a verbal discussion about this service, so please call us to see if this service may be right for your needs.

In Home System Evaluation — Occasionally a visit to our store and a demo therein, or sometimes even a phone call, can bring our customers to the realization that they’re ready for a complete “change of the guard” at home. The Audio Shoppe can arrange for a complete system to be evaluated in your home when circumstances permit. Typically this service is limited to the New England region simply due to logistical reasons.It’s best to have a verbal discussion about this service, so please call us to see if this service may be right for your needs.

The Audio Shoppe Traveler Program — In this day and age many find that air and train travel are often as convenient as going to the grocery store. And for many of us our jobs have us  “on the road” many days and weeks out of the year, thus our free time away from work might be preferably spent at home with family and friends rather than shopping for an audio system. Many seasoned travelers know the secret of the hotel concierge: if you need something, they will take of you. Consider The Audio Shoppe your audio concierge. For many travelers (whether for business or for pleasure) The Audio Shoppe is conveniently located just south of Boston. Boston is in fact conveniently located near New York, Connecticut, and all of New England. Should circumstances dictate the necessity, we can arrange for easy transport from Boston Logan Airport and even arrange for suitable accommodations in the area. In some cases we’ll even pick up the tab for your trip.It’s best to have a verbal discussion about this service, so please call us to see if this service may be right for your needs.

*The Audio Shoppe deeply respects the dedicated high performance audio brick and mortar retailer network in the United States, thus any out of area evaluation is contingent upon the component under consideration and your physical location.

Component Upgrade and Trade-In Programs

“How can it get any better than this?”  For many seasoned audiophiles it’s the refreshing experience with the excellent, patient, When you’re ready to upgrade, go big!!! 

Trade-In Program  Bring us your used equipment and we’ll apply the market value to your new purchase. For many of our customers this is preferable to selling the component themselves (think unending emails with questions, time consuming packing, expensive shipping, PayPal with fees, eBay with more fees…the reasons are numerous for avoiding the hassle of selling your older gear). Let us make it easy on you to get the most out of your older component and into a brand new one. Call us or contact us to start the conversation.

Component Upgrade Program  For components purchased from The Audio Shoppe you will receive between 80-100 percent of your original purchase price for up to one year after your original purchase date and 70 percent of your original purchase price for up to two years after your original purchase date. While The Audio Shoppe strives to present products with a timeless appeal, we cannot guarantee things will not change. And, for some folks the sonic “taste” of something remarkable such as a fine new amplifier leads them to ask the question “What else is there?” That’s why we are generous with our returning and loyal customers: we know the path toward musical satisfaction can lead one down a road one had not previously foreseen traversing. There’s not a lot of “fine print” here, but certain restrictions do apply. So please give us a call or contact us to learn more about how your investment at The Audio Shoppe is our investment in you.